I want it now!

In some ways, we have all come to expect instant information. But expecting the actual product or service right away? That’s the new normal.

We can illustrate this with search data. Mobile searches related to “same-day shipping” have grown over 120% since 2015 as people are no longer willing to wait even a few days for their order to arrive. We can also see that searches for “same-day shipping” peak first thing in the morning. – Google

Brand new Speaker Bootcamp

Most people are good at communicating but when they get on the stage or in front of the room, they get uncomfortable. Is that you?

On November 10th, I am offering a Speakers Bootcamp for anyone who does presentations in Corporate America.  It will be held in Bellevue, Washington. Want to know more – send me an email to ivy@hthts.com or visit http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=kspstibab&oeidk=a07efkfiwiaab500479



We each get to choose our friends. We don’t get to choose our family. I choose these qualities, in no particular order, with my friends:

Interesting, Reliable, Honest, Caring, Interested, Authentic, Curious, Ambitious, Compassionate, Observant, Progressive, Aware, Empathetic, and Knowledgable.

What’s on your list?